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Debug Output window

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I downloaded the <GUIDebug.au3> and loved the notion that i didn't have to use MsgBox every time i needed to see a bunch of results that i ned t check again and again.

I changed it a bit and used an Edit controlif thats ok.

;;;;;;; <GUIDebug_2.au3> ;;;;;;;

#include <GUIConstants.au3>

Dim $LocalDebugMsg


GuiCreate ("Debug Window",500,200,0,0,"",$WS_EX_TOPMOST)


$DebugEdit = GUICtrlCreateEdit ("", 5,5,485,160, $ES_AUTOVSCROLL+$WS_VSCROLL)

GUICtrlSetFont ($DebugEdit, 9, 400, 2, $DebugFont)

GuiSetState (@SW_SHOW)

Func Debug($DebugMsg)

$LocalDebugMsg &= $DebugMsg & @CRLF

GUICtrlSetData ($DebugEdit, $LocalDebugMsg)

GUICtrlSendMsg ($DebugEdit, $EM_SCROLLCARET,0,0)


;;;;;;;;; END;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Maybe someone has some ideas on how to make it print out values you already declared in the script and is assigned some text, if you type ? and the variable and hit enter:



Debug.Print $SomeString<Enter>

...much like we do in VB's Immediate (debug) window

Any thoughts on how we could accomplish this?


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Not sure what editor you use but most some here use Scite4AutoIt3 that uses an output pane that can print out messages from ConsoleWrite(). This is a very handy feature for the editor and does it easy along with all the other features that it offers. Some other editors may have the same output feature.

If you still wish to create a debug window then a search in this forum should raise results as some others have done the same before. I believe that just a simple UDF with ControlSend() to your debug window would achieve your result.

Edit: Biased assumption noted and changed.

Edited by MHz
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Not sure what editor you use but most here use Scite4AutoIt3

"Most here"? May I ask where you get your information? Has there been some poll of forum participants where SciTE was found to be used more than others? Not doubting your word, just looking for the location of this empirical data.
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May I ask where you get your information?

JdeB actually sayd "Not evryone uses SciTE" or something along those lines when i made a similar remark on a similar topic.

*edit here it is: http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.ph...ndpost&p=118255

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