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Default timeout for MsgBox?

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I am writing an AutoIt script using the newest AutoIt beta. I use MsgBox but surprisingly it seems that now by default the messageboxes timeout, and they timeout pretty quickly (I'd say in less than 10 seconds).

If I am not mistaken, it dis not use to be this way. Is there a way to go back to the original behaviour for timeouts? Is there an AutoIt option that I can set for this instead of having to specify the timeout for each message box?



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doesnt want to close automaticly, so i hitted OK :o

doesnt seem to be a problem, what version/OS are you running.

I am using WindowsXP (SP1), and the latest autoit beta (v3.1.1.87 (beta)).

I just found out that if I run this directly by double clicking on the script or from SciTe it works as expected (i.e. no timeout) but if I run it using AutoEd (using the "Run script" button), as I was, then I get the problem. Does this make sense? B)

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Angel, if that is the case, try running a script which never ends:

While 1

See if this script automatically terminates. It could be that the editor is terminating the child process (AutoIt).

Actually, that is what was happening. I don't understand why... I guess I'll have to contact the AutoEd guys to learn more about it (and perhaps start using SciTe which seems quite good!).

Thanks guys,


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