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receive command line output

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What I would like to do is capture output from a command line program.

in bash it would be

msg=$(command opts)

I know this has been discussed before in this forum, but maybe there is an update.

I was thinking about writing to a file command > tmp.txt.

Or I could set an enviroment variable, but I am not sure how to pipe into set

and it would be easier to read the file in autoit than redirect the input.

There was a listing about reading output in a beta version, but I am afraid

of that going to all my workstations.

Any thoughts?

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Thank you for the reply.

That is the topic I read, but for this purpose, I do not want to use beta.

I have found a way to pipe into set using the for command.

Here is an example for the ipaddress, which I know is a macro.

for /F "tokens=15" %%T IN ('ipconfig /all ^| find /i ^"ip address^"') DO set IPADDRESS1=%%T

also note that this does not deal with multiple ip addresses.

If you have any thing better, let me know.

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