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    • By kneze
      i use from Command Line net user /Domain UserID >> C:\temp\sample.txt to request informations about specific Domain User. Now i wil get Password last set, Password expires, password changeable and all Groups from Global Group Membership of this User to display in a MsgBox. With FUNC _readGroups i can check which position is group date of last password set but i don't know how to get needed informations as i wrote at the beginning.
      Thanks in advance for any hint how can i solve it.
      #cs ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- AutoIt Version: Author: myName Script Function: Template AutoIt script. #ce ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; Script Start - Add your code below here #include <File.au3> $FilePath=@ScriptDir &"\sample.txt" $StringToSearch="Password last set" $CaseSense=0 $Lines=_FileCountLines($FilePath) $hFile=FileOpen($FilePath,0) $LinesCount=_FileCountLines($FilePath) For $i=0 To Number($Lines) $Test=FileReadLine($hFile,$i) If StringInStr($Test,$StringToSearch,$CaseSense) Then $foundLine = $i _readGroups($foundLine,$LinesCount,$i) ;MsgBox(0,"","The string " & $StringToSearch & " was found on line " & $i) ;MsgBox(0,"","Lines found: " & $LinesCount) ExitLoop EndIf Next FileClose($hFile) FUNC _readGroups($foundLine,$LinesCount,$i) ;For $j=$foundLine To Number($LinesCount) $lLine=FileReadLine($hFile,$i) ;$split = StringSplit($lLine," ") $split = StringSplit(StringStripWS($lLine,1)," ") For $x = 1 To $split[0] MsgBox(0,$x,$split[$x]) Next ;MsgBox(0,"",$split[15]& " " & $split[16]) ;Next EndFunc  
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