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Ive had a bit of code from a long time ago and its always worked perfectly until recently

It creates a restore point of a given name that i choose and i use it when i finalize a customers pc to go back to them.

the original code was from Venom 007

Global $CuDate = _Date_Time_GetLocalTime()
Global $sRestorePointName = 'Tech_Finish ' & StringTrimRight(_Date_Time_SystemTimeToDateTimeStr($CuDate), 9)

Func _CreateRestorePoint($sRestorePointName) ; Author = Venom007
    SplashTextOn('Restore Point', 'Creating Restore Point.' & @CRLF & @CRLF & _
            'Please Wait', 300, 90, -1, -1, 18)
    Local $objSystemRestore
    $objSystemRestore = ObjGet('winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!root/default:SystemRestore')
    If Not $objSystemRestore.createrestorepoint($sRestorePointName, 0, 100) = 0 Then SetError(1)
    If Not @error Then
        SplashTextOn('System Restore', 'System Restore Point Created Successfully.', 300, 45)
        SplashTextOn('System Restore Error', 'System Restore Point Was Not Created.', 300, 45)
EndFunc   ;==>_CreateRestorePoint

Just recently now im seeing windows 10 machines it fails at this line im pretty sure

$objSystemRestore = ObjGet('winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!root/default:SystemRestore')

Does anyone know what has changed in win 10 to cause this?

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that line works for me. windows 10 Pro x86.

hmm so why does it fail for me then weird

They were brand new machines that had been upgraded to win 10 from 8.1, is yours an original licence install or upgrade

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