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I am trying to design a card game and I thought AutoIT would be great way for me to prototype the game mechanics before I actually make the leap to creating the actual cards and artwork. I have some programming experience with AutoIT and some other languages, but I haven't done any programming that involves any kind of bitmap graphics, just the usual stuff with GUIs. In looking at the help files, I note that there are a lot of functions that start with _GDIPlus but I'm not really sure if I should delve into those, or if there's an easier/better way.

What I'm trying to do:

Basically, I want to open a window and fill it with bitmap tiles. Simple 16x16 pixel bitmaps that I'll create in Photoshop or something. My window might be 100x100 tiles wide so 1600 x 1600 pixels. I don't need to move the tiles, just reveal them based on user actions. Color would be nice, but the bitmaps could be b&w if that's easier. This is turn based, so doesn't need to be all that fast or anything.


Are the _GDIPlus functions a reasonable approach to creating something like this?
Is there a resource(s) that anyone could point me towards that might be helpful so that I can teach myself how to code this?
Is there a better way? Like say, using a graphics library like the allegro graphics library?
Does anyone have some sample code I could take a look at?

Thanks in advance.

-Not sure how to get started...


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Does anyone have some sample code I could take a look at?


this doesn't use bitmaps, but still interesting to have a look as an example on how to use some _GDIPlus* functions.


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