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VARIANT datatype returned from a COM method

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I'm a novice using COM support in AU3 ... so have mercy

I'm using an ActiveX control from Novell Developers Kit supporting LDAP query.

If I use the control with VBScript no problem; when I translate the script in AU3 the method returnig value(s) for an attribute of a searched object give non results.

This is an OLEVIEW export of the method

[id(0x00000004), propget, helpstring("Returns the requested field value"), helpcontext(0x00000026)]

VARIANT FieldValue([in] BSTR FieldName);

I think the problem is the VARIANT datatype.

This is the fully functional VBScript

Option Explicit 
Dim oShell
Dim oNWQry
Dim oNWLst
Dim nOggetti
Dim oNWUsr
Dim aValori
Set oShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Set oNWQry = WScript.CreateObject("NWIDirQueryLib.NWIDirQuery.1.2")
oNWQry.FullName = "ldap://server/o=myorg/ou=myou1"
oNWQry.Filter   = "(&(objectclass=inetOrgPerson)(|(surname=FO0233*)(uid=FO0233*)(cn=FO0233*)))"
oNWQry.Fields = "sn, givenName"
oNWQry.TimeLimit = 60
oNWQry.SearchScope = 2
oNWQry.MaximumResults = 20
oNWQry.SearchMode = 0
oNWQry.AutoReferral = 1
' LDAP Connect
' LDAP Search
Set oNWLst = oNWQry.Search
' goto 1st object Item(0)
Set oNWUsr=oNWLst.Item(0)
' show object shortname tipically cn=userid  
oShell.Popup oNWUsr.ShortName
' value(s) for attribute "sn" in array aValori 
aValori = oNWUsr.FieldValue("sn")
' show 1st value for attribute
oShell.Popup aValori(0)
' LDAP Disconnect

The Autoit3

$oNWQry = ObjCreate("NWIDirQueryLib.NWIDirQuery.1.2")
$oNWQry.FullName = "ldap://server/o=myorg/ou=myou1"
$oNWQry.Filter = "(&(objectclass=inetOrgPerson)(|(surname=FO0233*)(uid=FO0233*)(cn=FO0233*)))"
$oNWQry.Fields = "sn, givenName"
$oNWQry.TimeLimit = 60
$oNWQry.SearchScope = 2
$oNWQry.MaximumResults = 20
$oNWQry.SearchMode = 0
$oNWQry.AutoReferral = 1
' LDAP Connect
' LDAP Search
' goto 1st object Item(0)
' show object shortname tipically cn=userid 
' aValori is not an array, the variable is null

Do you know if VARIANT datatype is supported for OLE/COM in Autoit3 or there is another error in my vbs->au3 porting.



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Small correction. You are using VBS comment markers ' instead of AutoIt comment markers ;.

Sorry, in post I didn't use original Autoit source but modified from VBS (and non correctly .... as you can see). The original source is bigger and with confidential data...

I confirm the error/behaviour: variable $aValori is non an array as in VBS, but an empty variable.

If LDAP attribute is multivalue in VBS you obtain an array cointaining every value, for a monovalue attribute the array has only one element.

Thanks for your correction.


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