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Trying to install Matlab from server no luck

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Hi Can anyone tell me what is wrong here,  I am trying to install Matlab 2015b from our server using  mapped drive.  this is a difficult application as it starts the setup.exe closes it to run another app and then starts it up again.  In our original file, we kicked it off and then immedialy ran a vbscript that would delay for about 10 seconds and then start waiting for the process to end once it started up again.  I thought I could do the same below but it isnt working. Ideas?


; Map Network drive for installing Matlab r2015b
RunWait(@ComSpec & ' /c  ' & "net use X: \\Server\Share\MATLAB_R2015b /user:BOB p@$$w3rd", @TempDir, @SW_HIDE)

;Install Matlab

RunWait("x:\setup.exe -inputfile x:\installer_input.txt")

; Disconnect Mapped Drive

RunWait(@ComSpec & ' /c  ' & "Net use /del x: /yes", @TempDir, @SW_HIDE)

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From what you described, this may work for you.  

Global $sMapDrive = "X:"
Global $sMATLABPath = $sMapDrive & "\MATLAB_R2015b"
Global $sSetupEXE = "setup.exe"

;Map network drive.
DriveMapAdd($sMapDrive, "\\Server\Share", 0, "BOB", "p@$$w3rd")

;Run installer
Run('"' & $sMATLABPath & '\' & $sSetupEXE & '" -inputfile "' & $sMATLABPath & '\installer_input.txt"', $sMATLABPath, @SW_HIDE)

;Wait for setup process to exist.

;Wait for the process to close.

;Wait for the process to exist again.

;Wait for the process to close again.

;Unmap the drive.



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Thanks , I will try that in my next build,  I found the problem as the paths not being valid.  When I changed those my script worked.


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