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Remote Control my phone from my PC

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Been a while since I've really used AutoIt but I have to get back into it again so I thought this would get me going again. :)



I work on-site (customers premises) most of the time and have a few programs I use that don't interface to the PC directly or indirectly so I can't get the info except by retyping.

So I thought instead of wasting all that time retrying I'd use remote access software and add a few things as well. :)
I thought "Sidesync" (Samsung) would be the obvious choice or Mobizen if that didn't work. With autoit to automate the process with "Tesseract" to turn the images into text again.

Has anyone used AutoIt to automate their android phone using "Sidesync" (Samsung) or "Mobizen"?

I'm trying with "Sidesync" as I have a Samsung S5 so it's the obvious choice.

First problem I can't use the title I have to use the class.

Second problem.... that doesn't seem to work either as I can't activate/restore the window and the position information I can isn't correct.

Here is the relevant parts of the spaghetti code with the various things I've tried....

Global $gTitle = "[CLASS:Afx:012C0000:b:00010005:00000006:00000000]"
   Local $hwnd = WinGetHandle($gTitle)
   If @error Then Return False

   ; Restore if minimized/maximized
   If BitAnd(WinGetState($hwnd), 16) Or BitAnd(WinGetState($hwnd), 32) Then WinSetState($hwnd, "", @SW_RESTORE)
   ;Doesn't restore the window

   ; Activate
   ;doesn't activate the window
   Local $isActive = WinWaitActive($hwnd, "", 2)

   Local $size = WinGetPos ($gTitle)
   ; Returns the wrong size/position

So can anyone shed some light on what I'm doing wrong....



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This one is interesting development  http://www.vysor.io/ 

Ditch the Emulator

Are you an Android developer? Vysor gives you the integration and ease of an emulator on a physical device

I doubt if any tool will come much further then a screenshot of the whole screen. No individual objects will be seen.

That only will be possible if applications are nicely behaving with accessibility or when the app you want to remotely control has some module to be remotelycontrolled

You should read this thread


And to answer the question: How to do this with iOS?

More complicated although since iOS 9 and XCODE 7 there seems to be more possible by having a sideapp on the iPhone that can read ui of other apps. Again only if those apps nicely behave regarding accessibility.

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I dont own a Samsung phone (hate touchwiz) nor do I know anything about SideSync.  But I do believe TeamViewer's Host android app just came out of beta and they have a Quick Support Add-0n for Samsung . When I tried the host android app I could view my Nexus 4 and 5's screen and manage apps and stuff but the screen control option was only available for Samsung products.  So if you can get those to work with your S5 I know there is a decent TeamViewer knowledge base here in the AutoIt forum, may be worth looking into.


if @error Then
	MsgBox(262192,"",@ComputerName&" slaps "&@UserName&" around a bit with a large trout!")

>Exit code: 0

REAL search results

"Yeah yeah patience, how long will that take?"  -Ed Gruberman

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Sorry about the delay I decided to try before i commented and got tied up with life. :\

Teamviewer : I've had problems with TV in the past so I'd rather steer clear of them.  Maybe if the if I can't can't find what I need I'll re-visit it.

Vysor : I couldn't get connected to my phone and while researching why I found some worrying comments about the author.  Apparently he abandons projects before they are completed and moves onto the next one.  I never found the connection problem even though everything was set up as required.

Android UDF : Looks good but not what I need for this project.

Mobizen : Found this while Googleing around with the 2 above.  it's slower than Sidesync but the the screens are accessible. :)

So it's the front runner so far.

Thanks for your help!!!



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