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How to controlsend () ctrl + Key + Shift Key and ALT key to minimized application

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Hello guys, searching in this forum, I could send ctrl + key to a minimized application.
How is not explicit in any place of the internet, write here in my first post.

ControlSend ("App name", "", "", "{CTRLDOWN}")
ControlSend ("App name", "", "", "{DOWN}")
ControlSend ("App name", "", "", "{CTRLUP}")

*Sorry my poor english.





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ControlSend() works in a similar way to Send() but it can send key strokes directly to a window/control, rather than just to the active window.

From the Send() function:


This tells AutoIt to send an ALT keystroke, therefore Send("This is text!a") would send the keys "This is text" and then press "ALT+a".

N.B. Some programs are very choosy about capital letters and ALT keys, i.e., "!A" is different from "!a". The first says ALT+SHIFT+A, the second is ALT+a. If in doubt, use lowercase!

This tells AutoIt to send a SHIFT keystroke; therefore, Send("Hell+o") would send the text "HellO". Send("!+a") would send "ALT+SHIFT+a".

This tells AutoIt to send a CONTROL keystroke; therefore, Send("^!a") would send "CTRL+ALT+a".

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