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Petheebee, isolence, and others have made attempts at OCR programs. I'd like to incorperate their work, and help make a more general purpose app to scan the screen for text, and interpret it. Yes, ocr is hard. But I've done OCR before in C++, succesfully bypassing capcathas for various sites, with mutli colors, tilts, font differences, etc. I don't understand German, so petheebee's code was a little hard to understand. Isolence, your code is much more readable, and I may be able to use that. I was wondering if there was still interest for such a program? With so many game bots, devs would love to have a simple UDF to call to read the screen for them. What do you think? Also petheebee, would you be interested in continuing your ocr program, or cleaning up it's code to be more readable, perhaps with english comments?

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Yes please! I love the idea of a generalised app .. especially if it is in c or suchlike, so that it can be automated with an AU3 script via commandline parameters.

If you're only considering an AU3 UDF, then I'm less enthusiastic but still curious.


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