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Can you nest switches? I have nested switches sometimes 3 deep in my app, yet au3Check will pick random endswitch statements and tell me its missing a Wend..



Case $1 = "Option A"
;do something
Case $1 = "Option B"
;do something
Case $1 = "Option C"
        Case $A = "Enabled"
        ;do something
        Case $A = "Disabled"
        ;do something
Case $1 = "Option H"
;do something


One of the errors I got in my script:


"C:\1\2.au3"(1471,4) : error: missing Wend.


My script is too large to post, (over 3k in total size)


C0d3 is P0etry( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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You will sometimes get odd errors if you don't use the correct syntax. You are confusing 'Switch' statement syntax with 'Select' statement syntax. Here is the corrected syntax.

Local $1, $A ; added for syntax check

Switch $1
    Case "Option A"
        ;do something
    Case "Option B"
        ;do something
    Case "Option C"
        Switch $A
            Case "Enabled"
                ;do something
            Case "Disabled"
                ;do something
    Case "Option H"
        ;do something


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There is no issue with nested switch statements. You just need to use the correct syntax.

You need to tell the switch command "what" you are wanting to switch.

switch $A                                              ; I want to check variable $A
    case "apple"                                       ; does variable $A = "apple"?
        msgbox(0,"","","It's an apple")                ; tell me it's an apple
    case "banana"                                      ; does variable $A = "banana"
        msgbox(0,"","","It's a banana")                ; tell me it's a banana
    case "car"                                         ; does variable $A = "car"
        switch $B                                      ; I want to check variable $B
            case "audi"                                ; does variable $B = "audi"
                msgbox(0,"","","Your car is an audi")  ; tell me it's a car and an audi
            case "bmw"                                 ; does variable $B = "bmw"
                msgbox(0,"","","Your car is a bmw")    ; tell me it's a car and a bmw
        endswitch                                      ; finish testing variable $B
endswitch                                              ; finish testing variable $A


Whenever someone says "pls" because it's shorter than "please", I say "no" because it's shorter than "yes".

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