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Seeking clarification on RESH _LoadFile example


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I've been working with RichEdits and have come upon the very useful RESH UDF.  But I baffled by one statement in the example's _LoadFile() function:

_GUICtrlRichEdit_ReplaceText($hRichEdit, '')

Can someone explain this "non-replace"?  Here's the context:




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Thanks for your response.  But just to be clear, the purpose of the statement is to clear all contents of the RichEdit?  Yes?

Is that documented anywhere?

Update: although I haven't seen it documented, I have now seen this elsewhere as a conventional method to clear a richedit:

_GUICtrlRichEdit_SetSel($hRichEdit, 0, -1)
            _GUICtrlRichEdit_ReplaceText($hRichEdit, "")

I'll consider this closed.  Thanks, again.

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