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_AutoItObject_Startup() not working

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The following program exits before it gets to the message box:

#include "E:\1new Life\Programming\autoit\AutoIt\AutoIt3\Include\Object Oriented\AutoItObject Package\AutoItObject.au3"

The program I am writing is located in the same directory as AutoItObject.au3. I have traced the problem to inside the AutoItObject UDF to the __Au3Obj_PointerCall function and the specific line that causes the program to exit is:

Case 8
    $aRet = DllCall($hPseudo, $sRetType, $sFuncName, $sType1, $vParam1, $sType2, $vParam2, $sType3, $vParam3)))

I have determined the values of the parameters to DllCall as follows:

$hPseudo = 4, $sRetType = "bool", $sFuncName = "MemoryCallEntry", $sType1 = "ptr", $vParam1 = 0x00007FF6E7D80000, $sType2 = "dword", $vParam2 = 1, $sType3 = "ptr", $vParam3 = 0

I noticed that the __Au3Obj_PointerCall function successfully makes it through Case 10 before attempting (and failing) at Case 8.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance. (Windows 10 OS)

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Oddly, the same result of exiting occurs with or without the extra parentheses that I accidentally added to the end of the DllCall function. I do not receive an error message, it just exits. (So, to be clear, removing the extra parentheses did not fix the problem)

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I think you should post it to AutoItObject topic.

By the way, in my environment (Win 10, 64 bit) _AutoItObject_Startup crashes only executed with AutoIt3_x64.exe, AutoIt3.exe works.

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