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Display A Progress Bar During File Copying...

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I've written a script to copy data DVDs to a hard drive (into certain folders depending on the label, etc) but I would appreciate your help with displaying and updating a progress bar to show progress while copying the files. Here is some code I wrote to attempt to do this:

;Turn progress bar on.

ProgressOn("Working...", "Copying Files...", "0 percent", -1, -1, 19)

;Get the current size of the target DVD in MB.

_RunDOS("Dir /s /-c d:\ > dir.txt")

$dir=FileOpen ("dir.txt", 0)

$bytes=FileReadLine($dir, _FileCountLines("dir.txt") - 1)



$folderSize=Round($folderSize / 1048576)

$per=Round($folderSize / $size * 100)

;Enable Adlib to update the progress bar while copying files.


;Start copying files using 'xcopy' to copy only the files that don't exist on target.

_RunDos("Xcopy /y /f /d /s /e D:\ " & $target) ;The target folder will vary.

Func progBar()


$growth=Round($free - $freeNow)

$folderSize=$folderSize + $growth

$per=Round($folderSize / $size * 100)

$foldersize=$folderSize - $growth

If $per > 0 Then ProgressSet($per, $per & " percent")


The above code does work to at least some extent but I'd like any suggestions or better ways to do the same thing.

Thank you very much.


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