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Meet Remmanaut, the autoit remote administration tool

The future of Remmanaut  

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  1. 1. Would this tool interest you in some way?

    • Yes, i'd be interested in helping out with development somewhere down the road.
    • Sure, i'd be interested in the tool once it's finished...
    • The company i work for would definitly need such a tool!
    • The company i work for already has similar a tool, don't need another.
    • Nah, such a tool wouldn't contribute to anything i'm doing

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1. hope it was a good switch

2. join the club :)

3. :( not good :(  Hope you're feeling better now!

4. sounds good :)

I'll be interested in seeing in what direction you'll take this.

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Thank you, yes it was a good switch and yes i'm feeling better :)
I'm accutally working as managed services developer now wich is a good thing since i might start working on Remmanaut during work hours :)

Anyways, i had a few hours this weekend to work on a new version, focusing mainly on file transfer functionality. The back-end part of file transfer came with initial release and is working fine. However, transfering files without any feedback is pretty ugly so i decided to implement "transfer status" in all relevant parts of the system so that the management tool can see the file jumping from source to destination along with percentage information.
This little alteration is almost done but i won't have time to finish it today.

When i feel good about file transfer, the short term roadmap is as follows:
- Implement remote deskop functinality
- Create secure communication between endpoints
- Write white papers/documentation

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9 hours ago, storme said:

Hmm it's a little quiet....

Anything happening?

Heya, my new work took a little more energy than i thought and then came summer...
I'm still working on the project but i redesigned a few things to make the "core" a bit more versatile and it took some time, that's why i havn't released anything new. It may still take some time so bare with me =)

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31 minutes ago, kontdracula said:

is there any instruction for manual setup ?


Hey there, thanx for showing interest in my project.

No, i made the setup-tool to avoid having to explain what bits of the puzzle goes where, specially since the project will change and evolve throughout time.

If you could be a bit more specific on your problem I'm sure I can help you. Please tell me what steps you do and where it fails.


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Thanks for your sensivity and quick reply :)

Before i wrote an software, not the same but similar it is called BRSH(its like windows rsh) because of that i am interested in this software it is more wider than brsh, also we use an automation software in our firm it is called "automic" so i know the system and how it works , i thought i can help to improve your software by testing it.

İ installed wamp server on windows 10 after that you can see the screen  install and uninstall buttons comes deactivated also verify connections give all of them failed(you can check the attachment).What can i do ? Thanks.


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2 hours ago, kontdracula said:

İ installed wamp server on windows 10 after that you can see the screen  install and uninstall buttons comes deactivated also verify connections give all of them failed(you can check the attachment).What can i do ? Thanks.


Since the Remmanaut server works as a relay, the mashine you install the server-part on will need to be acessible from the internet. During setup, the installer sends a request to an external server that in turn tries to access your machine on the ports you've specified. This is only a test to verify that you've met the prerequisits in order to move on to the next step of the setup, that's why the install-button is greyed out. I think you got an error message refering to the log-file that get's generated, the details should be there.

As per the diagram in my first post, the server part of the suit needs to reside in an environment where you can manage the firewall. You'll need to open the ports you define in the installer and NAT the external IP to that machine.

Hope that made sense :)

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