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what is the best way to compare files

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What i am trying to do is compare date of destination and source, and if source file is newer than destination it copies the file to source.

Just posting a sample code of what i am trying to achieve


#include <Date.au3> ; Include Date constants
#include <File.au3>
#include <iNet.au3>
#include <_XMLDomWrapper.au3>

Global $xml1, $xml1monthday, $xml1year, $xml1format, $xml2, $xml2monthday, $xml2year, $xml2format, $xmldate

; Runs the XmlDate() function to determine the age of the Xml file

Func XmlDate()
$Xml1 = RegRead("C:\Temp\m1.xml","XmlDate") ; pulls registry

$xml1monthday = StringTrimRight($xml1, 5) ; takes the month

$xml1year = StringTrimLeft($xml1, 6) ; takes the year out

$xml1format = ($xml1monthday & "/" & $xml1year) ; reorders the date

$Xml2 = RegRead("C:\Temp\m2.xml","XmlDate") ; pulls registry

$xml2monthday = StringTrimRight($xml2, 5) ; takes the month and

$xml2year = StringTrimLeft($xml2, 6) ; takes the year out

$xml2format = ($xml2monthday & "/" & $xml2year) ; reorders

if $Xml1 = "" And $Xml2 = "" Then
   FileCopy( "C:\temp\a1.txt", "C:\temp\anokh", 1);



Any comments will be appreciated 

Thank you

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