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    • By rootx
      There is a way to have a clean string value without any SOH STX etc... Values
      #include <FileConstants.au3> #include <String.au3> #include <WinAPI.au3> #include <Array.au3> #include <File.au3> $file = _FileListToArrayRec(@ScriptDir,"*.otf",1,1,0,2) For $x = 1 to UBound($file)-1 ;ConsoleWrite(_ReadOffSet($ISO[$x],0x000000,12)) ConsoleWrite(_HexToString(StringStripWS(_ReadOffSet($file[$x],0x000000,16), 8))&@CRLF) $String = StringReplace(BinaryToString(_ReadOffSet($file[$x],0x000000,16)), Chr(0), "") FileWrite(@ScriptDir&"\file.txt",$String&@CRLF) FileWrite(@ScriptDir&"\file2.txt",_HexToString(StringStripWS(_ReadOffSet($file[$x],0x000000,16), 8))&@CRLF) Next Func _ReadOffSet($sFilePath,$iOffset,$iLen=1) Local $sRet="" Local $hFile=FileOpen($sFilePath,$FO_BINARY) FileSetPos($hFile,$iOffset,$FILE_BEGIN) $sRet=FileRead($hFile,$iLen) FileClose($hFile) Return $sRet EndFunc  
    • By xiantez
      Hello AutoIT community. 
      I am attempting to make a script that will login to my bank account and retrieve one of my account balances and display it in a MsgBox, however it am having some difficulty getting the correct value.... The MsgBox keep displaying a value of "0" instead of the actual string in between the source code I'm looking for.... Any help would be greatly appreciated!
      $readtext = InetRead("https://www.xxxbanksitexxx.com/das/cgi-bin/session.cgi?screenid=SIGNON_PORTAL_PAUSE&amp;LOB=CONS",1)
      $source = BinaryToString($readtext)
      $text =  _StringBetween($source,'CHECKING XXXXXXXXXX&nbsp;', ' "> ')

      MsgBox(0,"balance",$text)     ;This keeps returning a value of "0"

              Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
               Case $Button2
    • By gooker
      Hi :
      My os is ubuntu 14.04 ,wine version is 1.7.
      The problem is as follows:
      When I use BinaryToString example , in the help file (https://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/docs/functions/BinaryToString.htm), running under the win7 is ok.
      When I was running in wine, "你好"  change to  "??".

      The binary code(0x4865...) is correct, the result is wrong, I think the problem is the BinaryToString function itself.
      Whether there is a solution,
      If someone can help me ,thank you!
    • By Tardis
      Hi all Im still New To Autoit and would realy like some help ...

      I have gone through some examples and other code on the forum but now I am stuck
      see comments on what I want to do .
      #RequireAdmin #include <IE.au3> #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> #include <File.au3> #include <String.au3> #include <Array.au3> Global $oIE = _IECreate("https://www.harryhomers.org/et/forum/viewtopic.php?f=89&t=4309", 0, 0, 1, 0) Global $oElements = _IETagNameAllGetCollection($oIE) Global $oID = _IEGetObjById($oIE, "p41827") Global $ListArray[1] #cs ; the list I want to get is 1 - 20 max 30 and there names . The DIV ID is p41827 <div class="content">HarryHomers can be found at<span style="font-weight: bold">27960</span><br /><br /><ul>HH Bot Multi campaign **<br /><br />1. NAME 1<br />2. NAME 2<br />3. NAME 3<br />4. NAME 4<br /> 5. NAME 5<br />6. NAME 6<br />7. NAME 7<br />8. NAME 8<br />9. NAME 9<br />10. NAME 10<br />11. NAME 11<br />12. NAME 12<br />13. NAME 13<br />14. NAME 14<br /> 15. NAME 15<br />16. NAME 16<br />17. NAME 17<br />18. NAME 18<br />19. NAME 19<br />20. NAME 20<br /> </ul> #ce For $oElement in $oElements     Local $_sSourceTAG = $oElement.tagname     Local $_sSourceTEXT = $oElement.innerText     Local $_sSourceID = $oElement.id     Local $_sSourceHTML = $oElement.innerhtml     If $_sSourceID = "p41827" Then ;Test message box                 MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "MY TAG ID", "Innertext: "  & $_sSourceTAG & @CRLF & "id: " & $_sSourceID & @CRLF & "innerText: " & $_sSourceTEXT)                 MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "MY HTML", "Innerhtml: "  & "id: " & $_sSourceID & $_sSourceHTML)         $oData = _IEPropertyGet($oIE, "strong")         $Check = StringRight($oData, 11)         If $Check = "ohnDory</A>" Then ;Test message box             MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "SEARCH FOUND", "The characters are: " & $Check )             $ArraySplit1 = StringSplit($oData, ".")             For $ArrayItem in $ArraySplit1                 $ArrayItem = StringSplit($ArrayItem, "<BR>", 1)                 If $ArrayItem[0] > 1 Then                     If $ArrayItem[2] > 0 Then                         $ArrayItem[1] = StringStripWS($ArrayItem[1], 3)                         _ArrayAdd($ListArray, $ArrayItem[1])                     EndIf                 EndIf                 If StringInStr($ArrayItem[1], "</UL>") Then                     $POS = StringInStr($ArrayItem[1], "</UL>") - 1                     $String = StringLeft($ArrayItem[1], $POS)                     $String = StringStripWS($String, 3)                     _ArrayAdd($ListArray, $String)                 EndIf             Next         Else ; Not correct so ignore         MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "NOT FOUND", "The characters are: " & $Check )         EndIf     EndIf     Next     _ArrayDisplay($ListArray)     _ArrayReverse($ListArray)     _ArrayPop($ListArray)     _ArrayReverse($ListArray)     _ArrayDisplay($ListArray, "Map List Array Final View")     sleep(2500) _IEQuit($oIE) #cs ; note the html (map names) does change once a month ; save txt file #ce ;_FileWriteLog(@TempDir & "\list.txt", $ListArray)
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