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Hi all,

I am playing with ScintillaNet edit control in vb.net. After a lot of failure, i successuly made an edit control with AutoIt syntax lexer. But i can't change the font and font size programatically. Any idea ?

My Contributions

UDF Link Viewer   --- A tool to visit the links of some most important UDFs 

 Includer_2  ----- A tool to type the #include statement automatically 

 Digits To Date  ----- date from 3 integer values

PrintList ----- prints arrays into console for testing.

 Alert  ------ An alternative for MsgBox 

 MousePosition ------- A simple tooltip display of mouse position

GRM Helper -------- A littile tool to help writing code with GUIRegisterMsg function

Access_UDF  -------- An UDF for working with access database files. (.*accdb only)


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    • By louabill
      It seems that ControlSetText() sends only the first character to Scintilla controls.
      To see this, try the following:
      Open a SciTE window
      Put the following line into the window
      ControlSetText("[CLASS:SciTEWindow]","","[CLASS:Scintilla;Instance:1]", 'here is some text')and save the file.
      Go to the beginning of the line.
      Hit F5 to run the line.
      What I see is that the single letter h overwrites the text in the window instead of the desired text.
      Does anyone know how to get the Scintilla control to play nice? If not, is this a bug I should be reporting to the Autoit folks?
      I would like to avoid ControlSend(), because it has trouble with Unicode.
      Thanks for any tips.
      --- original post ---
      In an AutoIt script, I use ControlSetText() to send text to the Command window in the Stata statistical package.
      In Stata 14, the Command window was changed to a Scintilla control which understands Unicode instead of a RichText control (which used Latin1 encoding). In the past, all worked well, now only the first character gets put in the control.
      Here is an example which illustrates how it worked and now fails (which requires a running Stata 13 and a running Stata 14):
      Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 1) ## in Stata 13 and earlier, the Command window was a RichText control ControlSetText("Stata/MP 13","","[CLASS:RichEdit20A;Instance:1]", "sysuse auto") ## result: 'sysuse auto' in the Command window ## in Stata 14, the Command window is a Scintilla control ControlSetText("Stata/MP 14","","[CLASS:Scintilla;Instance:1]", "sysuse auto") ## result: the letter 's' in the Command window I can use ControlSend() to send plain text successfully, but I'm betting it won't work properly with Unicode because the function is not Unicode-ready, yet.
      Any hints about what I need to do to fix the problem?
      I realize this is somewhat specialized because of the receiving software, but perhaps someone knows something about sending text to Scintilla Unicode-friendly controls.
      Thanks for any help.
    • By Skitty
      AutoIt and Scintilla based Text Editor a.k.a ASciTE
      Based off of and ' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>text editors! Click their names to see their projects!

      Tested only on Win XP 32bit.
      This will not work on 64bit systems!

      ASciTE script source => ASciTE.rar
      Previous Downloads: 44

      ASciTE Script Source => ASciTE.rar
      Previous Downloads: 10



      Other Files
      Here are some extractions from the script of thing that took conciderable time, I've taken out what I would assume some people would probably want, such as the arrow for the tab switching (Which stopped working in the latest version) and the IPC (inter process communication) through windows messages that was created for this script from code by wolf9228 in this

      Tab re-ordering indicator (little red arrow) => Tab Reposition.au3
      IPC Script Communication => Simple IPC.au3

      Feature details

      *Portable mode is activated when the "AutoIt3" directory is found in the same directory as the script, but if an installed version is detected, it will default to using that one.

      ** There is a bug present that I could not figure out where double clicking on the title bar to maximize the window will cause the script to forget its initial size causing the script to stay full screen when re-sized in this manner

      Other information



      The more you know...

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