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Solved [Curious Error trying to use AutoIt Debugger]

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I've never seen this error before using the AutoIt graphical debugger, but nothing I've tried everything I can think of.

I've tried asking at FoolOnTheHill, the English language forum for this debugger, but apparently it's been dead for years.  And although it's possible the author's German language support forum is still running, I can't read or write German, and I can't find anywhere else to get support.

What's happening is that I first set a breakpoint early on, and then when I press "Run", I'm now always getting the following error:

Line 600 (File "C:\MyScripts\MyScript\Debug\MyScript.DebugScipt.au3");

#include "C:\MyScripts\MyScript\Debug\MyScript.DebugScipt.au3"

Error: Error opening the file.

Now, I've checked carefully, and everything in the Debug folder looks fine!  Nothing's set to read-only, nothing's hidden, and I can open all the files there just fine as well.

I thought maybe my damn antivirus was getting in my way again, but I disabled it and the problem remains.  I've also tried deleting the Debug folder and letting the debugger create it from scratch, but that doesn't solve it either.

I'm desperate for help, please!?


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Thanks for your swift reply, Trong!  But none of those things is the case.

First, the appropriate files in the Debug folder DO exist.

And to insure that nothing was opened in any other app, I completely shut down and restarted, and when it was finished booting, the first and only thing I did was to right-click on the script and select "Debug".

I got the exact same error.

Any other suggestions, please?

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Ah! I semi-solved it!

All I know is that when I disabled the "Debug user-supplied local "include" files" in the Debugger Options, the problem went away.

I'm not sure why that was such a bad thing, but it's working now and that's all I needed.

Thanks again for your kind replies!



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