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psexec - access denied only after filecopy

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This isn't really an AutoIt problem...the challenge is equivalent if I type the same logic as the following AutoIt script code snippet manually at the Windows command console - but i'm now a little desperate and would really appreciate comment from wherever it may arise.

The code below  is ran, as an AutoIt script, from a Windows 7 Pro laptop (32 bit) and "slave1" is the single other netbook (also Win7 pro) on my home network.

Problem Def:

When the script ("Slave_Get_IP.au3") already exists on "slave1" and no attempt is made to overwrite it psexec executes the script with no issue (fyi: the remote script dumps the remote ip address to the remote file called "REMOTE-IP.txt") .

However, when the script is copied ("Slave_Get_IP.au3") to the remote "slave1" prior to executing psexec then when psexec is executed the command console reports the infamous:

"access is denied" and the remote script does not execute" 

How might the copy/overwrite be impacting the process??

#include <WinAPIFiles.au3>

;when function "delete_and_overwite" is enabled the following message occurs:
;"access is denied"

;when function "delete_and_overwite" is DISabled the following message occurs:-
;starting psexec service on slave1
;C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\AutoIt3.exe exited on slave1 with error code 0

;For $i = 1 To 20 ;for testing only

   For $j = 1 To 1 ;extend to qty of ip servers
      $sProgram = "psexec \\slave"&$j&" -u Multicam -p abcd"
      $exe = Chr(34)&"C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\AutoIt3.exe"&Chr(34)
      $script = Chr(34)&"C:\Users\Multicam\Desktop\AutoIt-GUI\IPCONFIG\Slave_Get_IP.au3"&Chr(34)
      $sWorkingDir = ""
      $iFlag = @SW_MAXIMIZE

   ;;e.g. $psexec7test = RunWait('psexec \\slave1 -u Multicam -p abcd "C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\AutoIt3.exe" "C:\Users\Multicam\Desktop\AutoIt-GUI\IPCONFIG\Slave_Get_IP.au3"', '')

      $psexec7test = RunWait($sProgram & " " & $exe & " " & $script, $sWorkingDir, $iFlag)



Func delete_and_overwrite($j)

        $did_slave_ipconfig7_copy_successfully = FileCopy("C:\users\Andrew\Google Drive\CHDK\Autoit\WIP\GUI\B.Slave_GUI\For_Slave_Ipconfig\Slave_Get_IP.au3", "\\slave"&$i&"\AutoIt-GUI\IPCONFIG", 1)
        If $did_slave_ipconfig7_copy_successfully = 0 Then
            MsgBox(0, "Error", "IPCONFIG script file not copied to remote slave"&$i)





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@newniman as you mention this is not an AutoIt issue, I have moved your discussion to a more appropriate sub-forum.  This might be a better place for your question:


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