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MsgBox do not pause script any more

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I wrote AutoIt programs for (too!!) many years!

I just update to W10 then install a new machine.
Want to write a script and found that whatever flag values MsgBox won't pause the script ( just display for 2 ~ 3 seconds)
The same occurs with _ArrayDisplay

Thanks for Any Clue

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@lupusbalo How about actually posting your script, so we can see what you're doing, rather than having us guess ;)


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So obvious .... I'm stupid
Here it is

#Region ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI ****
#AutoIt3Wrapper_Icon=C:\&& fixed File on C (icons etc- - )\VBxCommun.ico
#EndRegion ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI ****
#include <Array.au3>
#include <File.au3>


; Global $jlbFile = "
Global $rvccFile= "E:\§INSTALLs\§INSTALL 7\analyse et pilote newPC\XXXXXX\XXXXXXX.txt"
Global $rvccData , $jlbData
Const  $NUM_1=1, $NAME_2=2, $VERSION_3=3, $TIME_4=4,$DESCR_5= 5, $COMPANY_6=6, $PATH_7=7, $TYPE64_8=8

_FileReadToArray($rvccFile, $rvccData, $FRTA_COUNT, @TAB)
MsgBox($IDOK + $IDCANCEL,"vreturn", @error, 10)
_ArrayDisplay($rvccData, "RVCC Data", Default,8)

The file to be read is saved from DLL view in "Process explorer"
I'm just starting this script, but UDF _FileReadToArray certainely returns an error and the MsgBox is supposed to help find what error I made
Incidently:  I did find the error in _FileReadTOArray so this is not my question which relates solely with MsgBox/_ArrayDisplay not pausing

Purpose of the script will be to compare (on 2  W10 PCs)  DLL used by a prog which freeze on one of them and runs perfectly on the other
(Hardware are the same - except HDD capacity) one W10 is Family the other Pro

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Previously I ran a "portable" version of AutoIt
So I download and Install last version (& associated Scite)

run the following program

MsgBox(0,"MsgBox1","First MsgBox")
                MsgBox(1,"MsgBox2","Second MsgBox")
                MsgBox(2,"MsgBox3","Third MsgBox")
                MsgBox(3,"MsgBox4","Fourth MsgBox")

Result is: MsgBox 1 display for 2 second, no other msgBox display ... ans the script ends!!

So this is not an AutoIt problem .... and it may have a link with the error I'm by the way tracking

(can't remember how to close a topic in title)

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