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Stopping the screensaver?

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You could try disabling it via the registry when your script starts (not guaranteed but worth a try):

; Remember current screen saver setting
Local $ScrnSaver = RegRead('HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop', 'SCRNSAVE.EXE')

; Disable if one is set
RegDelete('HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop', 'SCRNSAVE.EXE')

When your script finishes:

; Reset screen saver
If $ScrnSaver Then RegWrite('HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop', 'SCRNSAVE.EXE', 'REG_SZ', $ScrnSaver)
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@lxp: this only works when you have admin-rights, i suggest by the way he asks that he hasn't got them B) nothing personal just a guess :o

I've created a script to automatically install about 7 pieces of software without user intervention, but the screen saver - when set on an XP machine to "go back to login screen" is sometimes causing problems.

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