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help or advice to improve pixel(s) detection

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I've managed to write the code below. Detection is partially working tho it is far from satisfactory.

In resume, screen is divided in a couple of area and each area is searched for a number of pixels.

The pixel closer to the geometrical mean (?) is chosen to aquire the target. So far, the size of the areas is customizable and also the number of pixels required to aquire a target.

Func Scan()

___$shadevariation = GUICtrlRead($input_sv)

___$step = GUICtrlRead($input_step)

______for $i=0 to $nbAreas-1




Func scanArea($areaNb)




___Dim $ppos

___Dim $storePos[$nbPixels][2]

___Dim $targetCoord

___for $i=0 to $nbMonster-1

______for $c=0 to $nbPixels-1

_________$ppos=getPosition($areaNb, $i, $c)

_________If $errorstatus == 0 Then








___if $found >= $plimit Then











Func getPosition($areaNb, $monsterNb, $pixelNb)

___Dim $ppos


___If Not @error Then





___return $ppos


Func getTargetCoord($coordPixels,$gMeanX,$gMeanY,$nbPix)



___Dim $coord[2]



___for $i=0 to $nbPix-1

______If (ABS($coordPixels[$i][0] - $gMeanX)) < (ABS($coord[0] - $gmeanX)) Then $coord[0]=$coordPixels[$i][0]

______If (ABS($coordPixels[$i][1] - $gMeanY)) < (ABS($coord[1] - $gmeanY)) Then $coord[1]=$coordPixels[$i][1]


___return $coord


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