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Hi I am a bit stuck with reading an XML file, I can get most of it to work but one thing I cant work out.

This is an example of my data file for ease.


<Check ID="123" Name="test">
	<Data ID="456" ID2="567">
    	This is the title
<Check ID="678" Name="test">
	<Data ID="999" ID2="666">
    	This is the title2

I have the following code working that gets the ID and ID2 from the Data section within (XML/Check/Data), but I just cant work out how do I get the title for each Data entry ID I extract. It doesn't have an element I can use.?

$sFile = "myfile.xml"
        $oXML = ObjCreate("Microsoft.XMLDOM")

        $xmlquery = $oXML.SelectNodes('//XML//Check/Detail/Data')

        For $xml In $xmlquery
            $id = $xml.GetAttribute("ID")
            $id2 = $xml.GetAttribute("ID2")
            ConsoleWrite($id & $id2 & @CRLF)

This works and I get back "456" and "567", "999", "666" etc as it loops, but I also want the Title values for each one.

Any suggestions please? thanks

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