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Run command doen't work


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I've some troubles whit the run command.

Below u see 2 command's , 1 is working and the other not. (the first isn't working)
I think the problem is in te space between program and files.Also I've treid every thing i could think of or the helpfiles handed to me.
(or maybe I din't find the correct answer:))
I tried so mush that i don't know anymore if it's the space between program files or not.

Could somebody point me in the right direction?

Not working:

Run(@ComSpec & " /c psexec -i \\  -u username -p pass -h -d /accepteula C:\Program Files\some_prog\Shell.exe" ,"C:\tools", @SW_HIDE)

Working :

Run(@ComSpec & " /c psexec -i \\  -u username -p pass /accepteula cmd" , "C:\tools" , @SW_HIDE)








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Instead of "C:\Program Files..." have you tried the @ProgramFilesDir macro to see if that gives you any different behavior?

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