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ReMapping Volume Keys: Not working

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I'm not sure why, but no response from the Keys.  I suspect my Microsoft keyboard isn't sending a conventional code for Volume.  Au3Record.exe doesn't register a key press.  If I knew where to edit the windows registry, I'd pursue that option instead.


while 1

Func MediaNext()

   msgbox(0,"Test Response","")

Func MediaPrevious()



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maybe something like this

HotKeySet("{ESC}", "MediaNext")
HotKeySet("{F1}", "MediaPrevious")

While 1


Func MediaNext();Testing1
;~  Send("{MEDIA_NEXT}")

    MsgBox(0, "Test Response", "MEDIA_NEXT")
EndFunc   ;==>MediaNext

Func MediaPrevious();Testing2
;~  Send("{MEDIA_PREV}")
    MsgBox(0, "Test Response", "MediaPrevious")
EndFunc   ;==>MediaPrevious

dont forget to use the code tags "<>" for posting script.

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ill get to that... i still need to learn and understand a lot of codes graduated.gif

Correct answer, learn to walk before you take on that marathon.

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For hotkey stuff Id lower the sleep even more to like 10ms helps with response. 

The original code might work, I would take the functions out of the loop as shown in the 2nd post. 

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