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Does anyone here have experience using AutoIt on virtual Windows machines like in VirtualBox or Cloudify? I'm trying to write some AutoIt scripts but even the basic WinZip tutorial .au3 does not work on either a Windows 10 VM in VirtualBox (running over MacOS X) or on a Windows Server 2012 VM running on Cloudify/OpenStack. The Run("winzip90.exe") command works and launches the installer, but nothing I've tried to click the "Setup" button does anything. I've tried using "Send()" as documented in the tutorial, "ControlClick()", and even "MouseClick()" with coordinates but none of them seem to be clicking the button and making the install proceed.

I've found some posts here that refer to using AutoIt on AWS and VMware, so I suspect there might just be something I'd need to configure somewhere, though I can't figure out what it would be.

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I've run plenty of scripts on VirtualBox and VMware, though never on Cloudify. You are talking about running the script inside the VM, not from the host trying to control the VM, right?

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@edwick I have been successfully using VirtualBox to demo my scripts, they work just as well in VMs ;). If your setup was normal, everything should go fine!

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