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[SIM] Secure Interface Module (With DARTIS©)

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Hello friends, today I am sharing a script I've been working on called secure interface module.

It's a SSL encrypted Instant Messenger, with optional 4D Holographic Encryption. (See THIS thread for more info about DARTIS)

To sign up for an account visit https://pdglobal.net (You will need to use a valid email)

Script is attached, to use just extract and run SIM32.exe or SIM.au3

Warning: There might be bugs. This is an early alpha version, if you find something that needs fixed, please fix it if you can or report it here in the thread so I can look into fixing it.

Download: https://pdglobal.net/?pid=SIM#SIM


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Please note: I need testers to help test out the long range message delivery system. I've been working on fixing the bugs in it, and need testers to confirm the bug has been fixed. Please leave a reply if you have time to help test it.

You can add me on skype my skype is zachary.litzinger, there we can discuss further testing of the networking functions.

There is also a known bug with encryption, if encryption is disabled for the sender but enabled for the receiver, the receiver's Client will crash, I'm working on a fix to this bug, but I really need testers to make sure my fixes work. [FIXED]

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Made a couple of bug fixes

-SIM will now re-encrypt messages if they get corrupted

-SIM will no longer crash if you receive a message before selecting a contact

-SIM will no longer crash if you select a keyfile before selecting a contact

-SIM no longer crashes when receiving messages from someone not on your contact list (the message will simply be ignored)

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-Fixed inet functions failing. Replaced them with winhttp object

-Now uses a second process to fetch messages so that the main thread doesn't lock up.


-Switched message delivery method from GET to POST to support more data.

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->Added an error handler/bug reporter.
->Message delivery is now less buggy
->Added some new emoticons
->Other minor miscelaious bug fixes

->Message polling now occurs every 42 MS
->Can now receive bulk amounts of messages and process them accordingly
->Message frame now refreshes on resize of window
->Message frame now scrolls to the bottom when a user is selected (even if there are a lot of messages)

->Limited message buffer to 300 messages per conversation
->Limited message sending to 1 message per second(to prevent spam)
->Put toast into a seperate thread to avoid main thread from pausing

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Updated to version
->KeyFile Blueprints (for DARTIS) are now 1,416,752,005 bits (168 MB)
->SIM/DARTIS Now requires an x64 OS to run.
->Highmem library used to allocate additional memory
->ReduceMem function intregrated from winswap(to reduce RAM use)

(you can try running on a 32 bit machine by commenting out the high-mem function that allocates memory and compiling for 32 bit windows, but this is not guaranteed to work)

Updated to version
->Includes 32 bit source and binary. (use at your own risk, it may crash when loading keyfile blueprints)
->Better memory management when loading contacts from server.

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Updated to version
->Added ability to generate/use 32 OR 64 bit keys.
Note: 32 bit keys are much less secure than 64 bit keys, but may be used on older systems which don't support 64 bit software.
Note: 64 bit keys may be used with either version of SIM. If you don't have enough RAM to use 64 bit keys, you should fall back to using 32 bit keys.

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  • Developers

You were in the "New Members" group which have restrictions, but i've changed that now so you should have more options. 
No need to report all of this and I will do some cleanup. :)


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11 hours ago, Skysnake said:

I have been following this intently.  What I want to know is, how to integrate this into an existing project.  Lets say I want to display the convo inside a childGUI of some existing project?


First you need to pass the username and password of the user you want to fetch messages for to the server so that you can get a Session ID from the server, like so.

$oHTTP = ObjCreate("winhttp.winhttprequest.5.1")
$oHTTP.Open("GET", "https://pdglobal.net?sid=login&usr=" & URLEncode($username) & "&pwd=" & URLEncode($password), False)
$auth = $oHTTP.ResponseText
$session = StringTrimLeft($auth, 3)

Then you need to pass the session ID to the getmsgs page

$oHTTP.Open("GET", "https://pdglobal.net/?sid=getmsgs&session=" & URLEncode($session), False)
$msg = $oHTTP.ResponseText

then the $msg variable will have all unread messages for that user. Each message is seperated by a "!" and the username of the message/message itself are separated with a "~"
Note: The URLEncode function() function can be found in the source code of SIM.

Note: The session ID expires after 24 hours, so you may want to request a new session ID every so often. SIM fetches a new session ID every hour.

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