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[SOLVED]Question about User name and logins

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Hello guys I already done that in the past but i cant remember how i did.

Local $sAnswer = InputBox("User name", "Plz enter the user name and lastname", "Answer", "")

When the answer gonna be Tony MONTANA

How can i transform into TMontana

I guesse it s somthing with split to array or ?

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Something like this, perhaps:

Local $sQuery = InputBox("User name", "Plz enter the user name and lastname", "Answer", "")
Local $aSplit = StringSplit($sQuery, " ")
    If IsArray($aSplit) Then
        ConsoleWrite(StringLeft($aSplit[1], 1) & StringLeft($aSplit[2], 1) & StringLower(StringTrimLeft($aSplit[2], 1)) & @CRLF)

Now, I am sure you could do it with Regex, unfortunately regex makes my eyes bleed. This is as close as I could come. Perhaps one of our regex geniuses will wander by and improve upon it. Only works if the last name is not all caps.

#include <StringConstants.au3>

Local $sQuery = InputBox("User name", "Plz enter the user name and lastname", "Answer", "")
Local $aSplit = StringRegExp($sQuery, '[A-Z]+[a-z]+', $STR_REGEXPARRAYGLOBALMATCH)
Local $aAnswer = StringLeft($aSplit[0], 1) & $aSplit[1]
ConsoleWrite($aAnswer & @CRLF)


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