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Using autoitx as a standard dll from the livecode language

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Are there support files available that will permit me to call autoit functions as an external dll for the livecode programming language?

I assume the files would be similar to what is provided for the c/c++ language, which are: AutoIt3.h and AutoItX3.lib.

The autoitX help file stipulated that "files to ease the support of other languages regarding external dll's, may be provided with autoitx if submitted/requested  by users".

Instructions providing guidance for the use of said files (where they go, how to use within livecode etc would be very much appreciated.

Thanks to all providing assistance in this regard.

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@Ed_Ray welcome to the forum. The short answer to your question is, most likely no. I am unfamiliar with LiveCode, beyond a basic conceptual understanding. A search of the forum only turns up one other reference, and that only in passing:

Beyond that, there may be some folks with understanding of the language who will wander by and offer suggestions. I would suggest you give this thread a couple of days to see if that is the case. It might also help if you explain in detail why you're wanting AutoIt functionality in LiveCode, and what problem you're trying to overcome by mixing languages.

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For jlogan;

Thanks for the response and hopefully like you said maybe someone else will chime in with some ideas to support livecode.

Livecode is an open source free  programming language (a commercial ver is also available) that is perhaps the most plain "English like" in syntax of all the scripting languages out there based on that I have programmed in most of them.

Besides having the simplest of syntax, the other big selling points are: (A) That in general its cross platform compatible with a minimal to no tweaking to make that happen. In other words once your program is completed and compiled (exe created) you can run it in linux, windows, and on a mac.

In addition you can run it on an android and apple tablet so its perhaps the most cross platform scripting language out there right now.

(B) The GUI creator is completely visual and drag and drop capable. Once one picks their controls  from a tools palette and moves it around etc. All the info that says where the control is positioned, how big it is (width and height) and ALL the other information that I saw autoit create when the autoit developers utilize the autoit GUI functions, are automatically created  without the developer having to use such GUI forms/functions.

The best part is that although the developer does not have to fill out or use the GUI forms/functions, all that information is completely available to the developers  in terms of properties that he/she can modify at any time. So basically you automatically get the best of both worlds, visual drag and drop GUI creation simplicity and the full use of the GUI properties to modify at the same time.    

So why do I need autoit functionality in livecode?

The issue is that unfortunately Livecode does not provide functions for windows created within livecode to communicate and interface with non livecode windows. So something as simple as sending keystrokes to non livecode windows becomes an adventure in third party solutions. The autoit dll solution seems to be one of the better ones out there now hence the need for the support files similar to what you folks supply for c/c++ since fortunately livecode does allow for external DLLs functions to be used.

Due to the simplicity of the livecode functions, they are no livecode "function prototypes" or "function declarations" that need to be made by the livecode developers. We just need a way to access these external functions that are part of your dll.

Hopefully I have made things clear with respect to the need and intent of my requests.

Thank you so much for your help, really appreciate your time. 



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