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For..To loops and ImageSearch

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I'm having a problem building a for.. to loop with a imagesearch inside

My code:

#include <ImageSearch.au3>

Global $xfindsteps = 0
Global $yfindsteps = 0
$xdef = 0
$ydef = 0

If _ImageSearchArea("C:\Users\Ricardo\Desktop\RealFont\Steps.png", 0, 270, 223, 307, 232, $xfindsteps, $yfindsteps, 0) = 1 Then

$novo_x = $xfindsteps - 8
$novo_x2 = $xfindsteps - 14


For $i = 9 To 0
If _ImageSearchArea("C:\Users\Ricardo\Desktop\RealFont\" & $i & ".png", 0, $novo_x2, 223, $novo_x, 232, $xdef, $ydef, 0) = 1 Then $res = $i


So, when i use this code, the last MsgBox() doesn't even appear. The script simply exits after the first MsgBox.

But if instead of a "For" loop i do this:

If _ImageSearchArea("C:\Users\Ricardo\Desktop\VIRTUADOPT\RealFont\5.png", 0, $novo_x2, 223, $novo_x, 232, $xdef, $ydef, 0) = 1 Then $res = 5


The MsgBox works and retrives the "5" that i'm expecting..

What did i wrong?

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Actually just run your script, you need to declare $res, i.e. Global $res at the top of your script, also noticed you're using #RequireAdmin which means that you don't see anything in the console, so you would need to use MsgBox to debug.

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Oh man.. I feel so ashamed but the mistake was indeed on the "Step" parameter :\

I don't know why it worked this time, i must have typed wrong or smth.. I need to rest before continuing on this xD

Thanks both of you :) <3

Btw, i didnt get anything from ConsoleWrite now i know its from RequireAdmin. My imagesearch.au3 also has "#RequireAdmin" so it doesnt matter if i really take it off on the script, cause the one i need to delete its on the included file.

Again thanks very much for both xD

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