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How to make silent installation when driver not justified

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Hello everybody,
I have to create one script for install printer but, the driver is not justified, else, i can't make a silent installation.

Have you got any ideas for help me ?
I use

For create LPR Ports.

Please !


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I'm not sure if you mean not digitally signed or not PackageAware, if it's the latter you can try adding this to the Printers.inf file depending on the architecture of the printer:

For 32-bit drivers add:

For 64-bit drivers add:

If the issue is a digital signature then you could modify your Group Policies although not recommended to allow unsigned drivers.

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You can allow the installation of an unsigned driver using GPO or Local policy :

Go to User Configuration / Administrative Templates / System / Driver Installation
Double click on Code signing for device drivers and check Enabled. Choose Ignore in the combo and the Apply.

But I'm not sure you can install an unsigned driver using WMI even if you apply this modification...
Another way could be to sign you drivers yourself

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