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not able to capture returncode for ping

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I want to check whether machine is up or not after we poweron a VM.

So to check that, I am using ping.

With the below command, when we run it, it will capture the value success or not with the errorlevel.

ping -n 1 sinra09-lod11 >nul: 2>nul:

so we can track the return code back using below.

echo %errorlevel%

So it is able to return the 1 when it is failure and 0 when it is success.


But when I convert the above commands to AutoIT, the return code is always giving 0 even on failure.

Func pingCheck($system_name)
    ;$system_name = "sinra09-lod1"
    $command = @SystemDir&"\ping.exe -n 1 "& $system_name & " >nul: 2>nul:"
    Local $iReturn = RunWait($command)
    if $iReturn = 0 then
        Return True
        Return False

Please suggest..

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Thanks @jguinch,

I am using Ping() function now.


Func waitForUp($systemname)
    for $iCount = 1 to 10
        if waitForSystem($systemname) Then
            return True
            $iCount = $iCount + 1
    return False

Func waitForSystem($systemname)
    Local $iPing = Ping($systemname)
    if $iPing>0 then
        return True
        Return False


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