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install netwrok services and start network

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I've seen others doing this using vb. Well I know they do it but not how. I have converted autoit into a nice little plugin for barts pe and have it completely working so that I can run scripts directly and they dont have to be compiled.

Now I want to use autoit for most of my startup stuff. For this I have already converted a fair amount of things over to autoit. I have modified ot fake system lock found here extensively to actually work and lock a system up now and plan to use it as a login mechanism for pe. (It would work fine under windows also to lock up a system) . Along with these I have also scripted other bits or things I have found form others.

However I'm wondering if there is a way to startup all the services needed to start networking. I have seen others doing this so i know it's possible. I'm not sure if I know what to search for but i have tried here and on google for things like net, netsh, and others.

Does anybody know if it is possible with autoit to install and startup these services? It would be great if it is.


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im not sure if i understand!

but i think you have a winxp pe installation ont cdrom! and have converted many tool to work with it! and now you witch to start networking environement in winxp pe with autoit script ?

i'm right or not?

GreenseedMCSE+I, CCNA, A+Canada, QuebecMake Love Around You.

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i have no real experience with creating a winxp pe boot cd! but i got some version here, who work very well! maybe i can let you see my version! and this will help you!

if you wan just PM me a msg and there i will give you access to look at my differente version!

and you project is very interesing for me i think i can learn many things on pe boot with you!

see yaa!

GreenseedMCSE+I, CCNA, A+Canada, QuebecMake Love Around You.

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Thanks. yes I've been using for quite a long time I just dont post much.

I have writting a few little things with it and fairly good size project.

I have also grabbed the source of some of your stuff that you have posted and worked with that. I also have an autit plugin that works properly as far as I can tell and allows me to run the scripts directly instad of having to compile them all. Now I also know that you recently reworked your profiles for highlander. Would it be possible to get the source for that also.

I had just got finished rewriting your profiles plugin to grab the environment variables and make make the folder from just them. So no hard coded paths at all. However; highlander also mentioned you added some new features to the one you are wokring on also.


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