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Screenshot program that can upload/FTP to website/storage with hotkey.

Features GUI to display programmable keys.


Set the hotkeys with this function to use, and display hotkeys.

; hotkey_set() Parameters:
; -----------------------------------------------------------
; $aHotkey -                The array hotkeys are stored in.  This function sets the values of this array[hotkey_id][$hotkey_data]
; $dHotkey_id -             The enum for this hotkey index
; $sHotkey_description -     The label displayed to the user to represent function of hotkey
; $sHotkey_name -            The hotkey it'self.  Whatever name string you want to give the key
; $dHotkey_key -             The _IsPressed keycode
;    Keycodes AT: https://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/docs/libfunctions/_IsPressed.htm
; $dHotkey_shift -             Shift flag 0 or 1 Default off
; $dHotkey_ctrl -             Ctrl flag 0 or 1 Default off
; $dHotkey_alt -             Alt flag 0 or 1 Default off
Func hotkey_set(ByRef $aHotkey, $dHotkey_id, $sHotkey_description, $sHotkey_name, $dHotkey_key, $dHotkey_shift = 0, $dHotkey_ctrl = 0, $dHotkey_alt = 0)
    $aHotkey[$dHotkey_id][$eHotkey_data_key_description] = $sHotkey_description
    $aHotkey[$dHotkey_id][$eHotkey_data_key_name] = $sHotkey_name
    $aHotkey[$dHotkey_id][$eHotkey_data_key] = $dHotkey_key
    $aHotkey[$dHotkey_id][$eHotkey_data_shift] = $dHotkey_shift
    $aHotkey[$dHotkey_id][$eHotkey_data_ctrl] = $dHotkey_ctrl
    $aHotkey[$dHotkey_id][$eHotkey_data_alt] = $dHotkey_alt
EndFunc   ;==>hotkey_set

; You can set your hotkeys here
; Please visit the hotkey_set() function for parameter information
hotkey_set($aHotkey, $eHotkey_screenshot_ftp, "Selected Window to FTP", "F12", "7B", 0, 1, 0); F12
hotkey_set($aHotkey, $eHotkey_screenshot_disk, "Selected Window to Disk", "S", "53", 1, 1, 1); S
hotkey_set($aHotkey, $eHotkey_clipboard_send, "Send Clipboard keystrokes", "F10", "79", 1, 1, 1); F10


Configure settings dialog:


Screenshot Filename and Screenshot Counter, are used to create simple unique filenames that can cycle.

Copy URL to clipboard option. - For linking your screenshots.

The screenshot file type is for local copy only.

App always uses .JPG for FTP right now, but I could add FTP screenshot file type specification.


Any suggestions?  Did I break anything, what did I miss?

Package uses TTS.au3 by Beege: 



File includes:

   - FTP_Screen.au3

   - FTPScreen.ico

   - TTS.au3 - by Beege

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I've only used this app with my website and FTP'd to there.

Someone please let me know if FTP_Screen works with things like Dropbox or other free storage sites.

I'd love to hear your stories about how you used FTP_Screen.

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It'd be pretty obvious via the code if it worked with your wishlist...  And from what I've read.. no.. it does exactly what it says it does

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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Added: Open screenshots folder to Tools menu
Added: Option to disable voice narration

Changed _exit_hotkey function to flag $gQuit instead of Exit to protect user data changes
Termination should now always pass through the main() hitting the save() and recording $screenshot_counter so screenshots are not overwritten
I also save to disk in the setting dialog to ensure data is preserved, enter that data once and be done with it
Removed: $gClipboard_url_disable - it's in the settings array
Changed $ghGui to $hGui to reflect it's non-global state

Have you been thinking about downloading FTP_Screen and just weren't sure if it was the right time?
In the history of FTP_Screen there has never been a better time to download!


FTP_Screen homepage

Edited by Xandy
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