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Get Data OFF Webpage

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I have searched and searched the web for an answer on how to get data from a webpage and paste it into a notepad document.

The problem is I need to access a website that is not on the internet but yet only on our local network so the IP will be "192.168.125.xxx"
This site only displays a few things but what I need to do is pull two parts of information that are located in a table. looking at this as an excel point of view this would be cells B2 and C2. These cells hold two numbers that say 850 Watts and 3 Watts, but they change all the time.

If I do a page "inspect element" I can see these exact numbers in the source code but very deep.

Currently I have the following code:

run ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe")

How do I get AutoIT to see these two data points and copy and paste them into a notepad.
I do not really need the webpage to open, but will deal with it if I need to.

** I have attached an image of the data I need.


Webpage Data Needed.PNG

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seems  you need functions from the ie.au3 library.
to extract a table from a web page opened within internet explorer, have a look to the _IETableWriteToArray() function examples and related examples on the forum..

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