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GPU acceleration in AutoIt with NVIDIA CUDA


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First, let me shock you. AutoIt is SLOW. I know, right!
But really, it may seem fast enough for "regular" automation and stuff, but when it comes to processing large datasets (image processing for example), it's horrendously slow.

There are 2 solutions to this problem:

  1. Write the processing code in, for example C or C++ and compile it to a DLL, and then use it in AutoIt
  2. Ditch the CPU and let GPU do the processing.

You see, CPU is not suited for processing large data in parallel. While it may have some extra cores, but it still not enough.
That's where the GPU comes in. CPU with its 8 or more cores is nowhere close the amount of those on GPU - reaching thousands (2560 CUDA cores in GeForce GTX 1080, for example).

With this potential, NVIDIA decided to create CUDA - a feature available in all current NVIDIA GPU's allowing developers to harness their computing potential.

After this not so short introduction to GPU computing, here is the CUDA UDF. Features include:

  • Running precompiled programs (use NVCC from CUDA Toolkit, available here)
  • Transferring data into and out of the GPU to the "host" (main RAM)


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Don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I cant get it working,

I downloaded the CUDA Toolkit (latest v10.2, local version 2.6GB size) and chose custom install.

I didn't select Geforce Experience nor Drivers nor the last option (whatever that was), only the CUDA part. ( I just installed latest NV drivers yesterday and don't like Geforce Experience)

I don't have Visual Studio so it complained during installation about not being able to associate files with VS (or something like that).

When I attempt to run your Julia.au3 example the GUI opens but nothing happens, just a blank window.

With filter.au3 the GUI also open and it shows the lena.png pic, but it seems it hasn't done any filtering at all.

I'm getting no errors when running the examples, but again, nothing happens.

Do I need VS ? Does anything have to be compiled ?

I do obviously have a nvidia card, RTX 2060 Super with 2176 cuda cores.

What am I doing wrong or not doing at all ? Could you or someone else post a step by step explanation please ?


Some guy's script + some other guy's script = my script!

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