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W7 Script works when run Manually but not in Task Scheduler waking from sleep mode

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I have a Windows 7 machine that is running a series of AutoIT 3 scripts from a master script. 

When run manually, the entire set of scripts runs fine.  The scripts downloads data and do conversions and email results.

When run from task scheduler, the  machine awakes and starts running the master script.  The first script runs fine, but the second part fails.  The first script is a simple call to an exe file that just runs.  The second script calls another exe file, but requires a few mouse clicks to run.  The further on scripts all run fine.

When letting the script run from task scheduler (after being put to sleep) , if I move the mouse (or press a key), the login screen comes up (Strange, as No Password is set, and when machine boots, it comes straight into desktop).  If I click on the icon (no password) the scripts run fine.

I am sure there is a setting somewhere that I have to set differently in task scheduler, or there is something in a W7 setting I need to change.

My Task Scheduler quick tests are in the lines of: 

Run only when user is logged on / Run whether user is logged on or not

Run with Highest Privileges / or Not

Configure for: (W7 / Vista / XP)

Getting lost in the combinations, so will have to do a methodical series of tests, but hoping someone here might have some experience or suggestions.

So, is it a Task Scheduler Setting (what combo) or a Windows 7 setting (what and where)?

Any help or suggestion is appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

Snoopy=====Still trying to shoot down that Red Baron :-))

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Turns out it was a Windows Issue....

While I had the settings to avoid the Lock Screen, it did not work.

I went in and changed all the settings (radio buttons/selections) to something different, and then switched them right back.  Saved the Task again, and it started working.

Thanks Subz for the help.

Snoopy=====Still trying to shoot down that Red Baron :-))

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