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MouseMove from current position [amount] of units down

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so I was trying to create a script which clicks an option of a dropdown menu but can't find a solution to move the mouse from the current position 50 units down...

If someone knows how to do this pls help me :)

[EDIT: MBY the solution is to just use MouseGetPos and then use MouseMove(MouseGetPos[0],MouseGetPos[1]+50)? but idk... mby there is a better solution...

Global $aPos = MouseGetPos

] Edit 2: NOPE Isn't working...

Thanks in advance


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You're asking for help with a dropdown menu, without stating what kind of menu it is, which makes it more than a little difficult to make suggestions. Is it a desktop app or website? Which app/site is it? How about a screenshot of the dropdown menu? The more you give us the more we can give you ;)


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This is the dropdown menu. I would like to automate the process of changing the properties by clicking at the file / move the mouse (by myself) to the the file and then simply start the script so it is able to change the file's properties...



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In my (limited) experience with AutoIT, I either use the SEND, or get the actual pixel location of what I have to click on.

I assume you know how to get the pixel location using AutoIT Window Info and Finder Tool.

Sorry I can't suggest anything better.

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google broken?

not sure if you have to deal with twips 

func example()

Func _MouseMove ($iX, $iY)
    Local $dX = $iX  ;~ $iX*(65535.0/(@DesktopWidth-1))
    Local $dY = $iY  ;~ $iY*(65535.0/(@DesktopHeight-1))
    _WinAPI_Mouse_Event($MOUSEEVENTF_MOVE,$dX, $dY)
;~     DllCall ("user32.dll", "int", "mouse_event", "int", $MOUSEEVENTF_MOVE, "int", $dX, "int", $dY, "int", 0, "int", 0)


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