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    • By KimberlyJillPereira
      Using the alarm received parameter how to search for the picture that matches the year month day hour min and sec and by the name of the .jpg file the jpg file naming format is first letter is always m followed by last two digits of year then two digit month two digit day two digit hour two digit minute and two digit second then get that picture and paste it in Microsoft Excel.How to do it? Please help me. Thank you.

    • By manit
      hi ,
      I have written a script to simulate keypresses and click on some windows 
      The work is repetitive.
      Here I activate 'foobar' and click on a place in it then press few down arrow keys . Then some keypresses in 'reboot' window ...
      (1)It sometimes happen that am external window pops up taking focus away from action being performed by script . As a result ,say, 'reboot' window does not appear . How should I bring scipt to run from beginning (of while loop) again ?
      (2)I used window info tool to find coordinates of place to click . Is it possible that window info tool keeps updating mouse coordinate even when I do not drag its finder ?
      (3)I would also like to add functionality to do an action on window 'new IP' , if found , in the infinite while loop .
      Please give directions.

      #include <AutoItConstants.au3> HotKeySet("{ESC}", "dummy") AutoItSetOption("WinTitleMatchMode",2); Local $hWnd, $x, $y, $pos, $reponse While 1 $hWnd = WinGetHandle("foobar") $pos = WinGetPos($hWnd) $x = 360 ;  $y = 77  ;  WinActivate($hWnd) MouseClick("left", $pos[0] + $x, $pos[1] + $y) Send("{DOWN}") WinWaitActive($hWnd) Send("{DOWN}") WinWaitActive($hWnd) Send("{DOWN}") WinWaitActive($hWnd) Send("{DOWN}") WinWaitActive($hWnd) Send("{DOWN}") Send("{DOWN}") WinWaitActive($hWnd) WinWaitActive($hWnd) Send("{ENTER}") $reboot_window = WinWait("Reboot") WinWaitActive($reboot_window) Send("{TAB}") WinWaitActive($reboot_window) Send("{SPACE}") WinWaitActive($reboot_window) Send("{TAB}") WinWaitActive($reboot_window) Send("{DOWN}") Send("{DOWN}") WinWaitActive($reboot_window) Send("{TAB}") WinWaitActive($reboot_window) Send("{DOWN}") WinWaitActive($reboot_window) Send("{TAB}") WinWaitActive($reboot_window) Send("{SPACE}") Sleep(1000) $response = WinGetHandle("Reboot") $pos = WinGetPos($response) $x = 168 ; 530-362 $y = 258  ; 376-118 WinActivate($response) MouseClick("left", $pos[0] + $x, $pos[1] + $y) Sleep(50000) WEnd Func dummy() EndFunc   ;==>dummy
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