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Send key presses to computer

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Hi guys,   

Total newbie to AutoIt.  I've run a few scripts that I found on the internet in the past, I haven't done any of my own scripting.      I'm trying to send some keyboard presses to a computer via TCP from a automation system (Crestron). 

I'm able to emulate and send any TCP command from the Crestron side, so what I need help with is how to script the AutoIt side of things, and find out what my commands will need to be so I can add them in my Crestron program.

Any help is appreciated!



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I haven't done any code yet.   I did try to run the example TCP scripts on the autoit wiki and play with the parameters but I kept having issues with TCPStartup.

Essentially yes, I just need to be able to send numbers (0-9), a couple letters, and the escape key to the computer as if they were typed on a keyboard.

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4 hours ago, tec508 said:

but I kept having issues with TCPStartup.

@tec508 just telling us "it didn't work" doesn't help us help you. If you're working off an example script with altered parameters, how about posting that, with a detailed description of what errors/behavior you're seeing.

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