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Running 4 scripts simultaneously and splitting screens

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Good day 


I have 8 scripts that I need to join together 4 at a time as these open Firefox instances to  log onto some dashboards and refresh them. These will be running on 2 PCs with 4 screens each.


So Main Script 1 will run Load 1, Load 2,Load 3 ,Load 4 once all are logged in the windows need to be positioned on each of the 4 monitors Load 1 to Monitor 1, Load 2 to Monitor ,Load 3 to Monitor 3 and Load 4 to Monitor 4. the same would apply to the rest of the scripts 5,6,7 and 8


Could you please direct me in the right direction to accomplish this as I have completed the 8 scripts and can run them individually.

But are having issues with the Main Script combining the 4 scripts and then split the windows.

My standard scripts do the following:

Run Firefox and open appropriate URLs in different tabs

Log in to Microstrategy 

Refresh every 30 seconds and flips through different tabs


I have found the following two links but cant seem to get them right( I am Building on 2 screens currently )

Running multiple Scripts


Multiple screens

Thank you in advance 



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