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librhash.dll - supports CRC32, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, SHA3, Tiger, TTH, Torrent BTIH, AICH, ED2K, GOST R 34.11-94, RIPEMD-160, HAS-160, EDON-R 256/512, WHIRLPOOL and SNEFRU hash sums.

faster than _Crypt_HashFile about 2 times

librhash.au3, librhash.dll in archive


        2017-07-11 Added: rhash_timer_start, rhash_timer_stop
                   Changed: DLL - rhash_run_benchmark_mod - passing file as HANDLE
        2017-07-07 Changed: rhash_ex()
                   Added: DLL - rhash_run_benchmark_mod
        2017-07-04 Changed rhash_ex()



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Thanks for sharing this. Could you add an Enum for the hash_id ?, it'll make it easier to use. 

Func rhash_ex()

    Local $hash_id = $RHASH_MD5


    MsgBox(262144, "rhash_get_hash_length", rhash_get_hash_length($hash_id))
    MsgBox(262144, "rhash_file", rhash_file($hash_id, 'librhash.dll'))
    MsgBox(262144, "rhash_count", rhash_count())
    MsgBox(262144, "rhash_get_digest_size", rhash_get_digest_size($hash_id))
    MsgBox(262144, "rhash_get_name", rhash_get_name($hash_id))

    Local $file = FileOpen("librhash.dll", 16)
    MsgBox(262144, "rhash_msg", rhash_msg($hash_id, FileRead($file)))

EndFunc   ;==>rhash_ex

Yep,  I did not understand the example.

Edited by argumentum
correct myself
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; #FUNCTION# ====================================================================================================================
; RHASH_API Example
; md5(librhash.dll) = 0x3A11F6C700A5903CEB104C4971DCB3A1
; ===============================================================================================================================
Func rhash_ex()

  Local $hash_id = $RHASH_WHIRLPOOL
  Local $s, $file


  $s  = "rhash_count = " & rhash_count() & @CRLF
  $s &= "$hash_id = " & $hash_id & @CRLF
  $s &= "rhash_get_name = " & rhash_get_name($hash_id) & @CRLF
  $s &= "rhash_get_hash_length = " & rhash_get_hash_length($hash_id) & @CRLF
  $s &= "rhash_get_digest_size = " & rhash_get_digest_size($hash_id) & @CRLF
  $s &= "rhash_file = " & rhash_file($hash_id, 'librhash.dll') & @CRLF
  $file = FileOpen("librhash.dll", 16)
  $s &= "rhash_msg = " & rhash_msg($hash_id, FileRead($file)) & @CRLF

  MsgBox(0, "rhash", $s)

EndFunc   ;==>rhash_ex

; Uncomment next line to run example


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Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.40GHz + 3Gb RAM

CRC32 2048 MiB total in 3.887 sec, 526.917 MBps
MD4 2048 MiB total in 2.221 sec, 922.157 MBps
MD5 2048 MiB total in 3.543 sec, 578.038 MBps
SHA1 2048 MiB total in 13.992 sec, 146.369 MBps
TIGER 2048 MiB total in 26.988 sec, 75.887 MBps
TTH 2048 MiB total in 31.240 sec, 65.557 MBps
BTIH 2048 MiB total in 14.107 sec, 145.174 MBps
ED2K 2048 MiB total in 2.250 sec, 910.213 MBps
AICH 2048 MiB total in 14.123 sec, 145.015 MBps
WHIRLPOOL 256 MiB total in 12.197 sec, 20.990 MBps
RIPEMD-160 2048 MiB total in 9.321 sec, 219.711 MBps
GOST 1024 MiB total in 20.129 sec, 50.871 MBps
GOST-CRYPTOPRO 1024 MiB total in 20.204 sec, 50.684 MBps
HAS-160 2048 MiB total in 4.539 sec, 451.199 MBps
SNEFRU-128 256 MiB total in 8.305 sec, 30.825 MBps
SNEFRU-256 256 MiB total in 12.088 sec, 21.177 MBps
SHA-224 2048 MiB total in 22.861 sec, 89.586 MBps
SHA-256 2048 MiB total in 22.931 sec, 89.313 MBps
SHA-384 1024 MiB total in 62.102 sec, 16.489 MBps
SHA-512 1024 MiB total in 62.488 sec, 16.387 MBps
EDON-R256 2048 MiB total in 6.897 sec, 296.931 MBps
EDON-R512 2048 MiB total in 20.182 sec, 101.475 MBps
SHA3-224 256 MiB total in 10.994 sec, 23.285 MBps
SHA3-256 256 MiB total in 11.782 sec, 21.727 MBps
SHA3-384 256 MiB total in 15.198 sec, 16.845 MBps
SHA3-512 256 MiB total in 22.180 sec, 11.542 MBps


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  • 2 years later...


Interested in calling some functions on the updated library  librhash.dll.


TTH, BTIH, AICH, and and magnet links generation do not work in this script librhash.au3


Can someone help with this script?

Thank you in advance.


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On 7/4/2017 at 7:42 AM, ADMPV said:

maybe someone know how to pass FILE* to C++ dll

RHASH_API void rhash_run_benchmark(unsigned hash_id, unsigned flags, FILE* output);

"handle" crashes

Did you try 'handle*' ?

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