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C# / IIS autoit not sending keystrokes

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My project using c# with selenium driver and hosted on iis server

Google dropped support for passing windows credentials via URL and it broke a lot of automation for me. (username:password@www.url.com)


I found solution using AutoItX dll which I added and it works fine when running in debug mode locally, but when deployed to web server it does not send key strokes.

This is all the code I have specific to autoitx

        AutoItX.WinWaitActive(authenticateurl + " - Google Chrome", "", 10);
        AutoItX.WinActivate(authenticateurl + " - Google Chrome");
        AutoItX.Send(AdminUsername + "{TAB}");
        AutoItX.Send(AdminUserpass + "{ENTER}");

App pool is running using admin account. I also registered dll and no error is thrown.


Any idea why AutoItX would not send keystrokes when deployed? I am sure there is some configuration I am missing on a web server.


Thank you in Advance!


P.s. I used this for reference http://learn-automation.com/handle-windows-authentication-using-selenium-webdriver/

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