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Is it possible to get account's address books from post server?

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I used GroupWise mail client objects to access account's address books. For example:

$oGWSession = ObjCreate("NovellGroupWareSession")                   ;object that represents GroupWise session
$oAccount = $oGWSession.Login($login, "", $pass, 0)

$oAddressbooks = $oAccount.AddressBooks

$count = $oAddressbooks.Count

For $i = 1 to $count
    $oAddressBook = $oAddressbooks.Item($i)
    MsgBox(0, "", $oAddressBook.name)

But latest GroupWise versions have a really problem concerning coexistence with Outlook. If Oulook is installed on the same machine the code above shows only one address book and this book is not native GroupWise address book, but Outlook address book. The problem relies to GroupWise because sometimes it can not see its own book as well, but the mentioned Outlook book only. In this case GroupWise support recomends uninstall both Outlook and GroupWise and reinstall them in such order: GroupWise first and then Outlook. But anyway it is not enough in case of programmatically use of GroupWise objects. So the question is: is it possible to have access to these address books from the post server directly? I mean by connecting to the server and getting the books using account credentials.

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