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Win10 DWM Blur with Rounded Corners Help?

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I am attempting to create a translucent GUI with the blur effect, and I got everything but the rounding to work correctly.

Anyone know how to get rid of the black corners?

Thank you!

This is what I have so far:

#include <GUIConstants.au3>
#include <WinAPI.au3>
#include <WinAPIGdi.au3>
#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>

If _WinAPI_DwmIsCompositionEnabled() Then $iHasDWM=1
Local $iHeight=300
Local $iWidth=300
$hGUI = GUICreate("Windows 10 Blur", $iWidth, $iHeight,-1,-1,$WS_POPUP)

If $iHasDWM Then
    Local $hRgn = _WinAPI_CreateRoundRectRgn(0,0,$iWidth+1,$iHeight+1,50,50)
    Local $hFormRgn=_WinAPI_CreateRectRgnIndirect(_WinAPI_GetClientRect($hGUI))
    Local $hRgnTest=_WinAPI_CreateNullRgn()
While 1
    Switch GUIGetMsg()
        Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE

; #FUNCTION# ====================================================================================================================
; Name ..........: _WinAPI_DwmEnableBlurBehindWindow10
; Description ...: Enables Aero-like blurred background in Windows 10.
; Syntax ........: _WinAPI_DwmEnableBlurBehindWindow10($hWnd[, $iMode = $ACCENT_ENABLE_BLURBEHIND])
; Parameters ....: $hWnd                - Window handle.
;                  $bEnable             - [optional] Enable or disable the blur effect.
; Return values .: 1 on success, 0 otherwise. Call _WinAPI_GetLastError on failure for more information.
; Author ........: scintilla4evr
; Modified ......:
; Remarks .......:
; Related .......:
; Link ..........: http://vhanla.codigobit.info/2015/07/enable-windows-10-aero-glass-aka-blur.html and http://undoc.airesoft.co.uk/user32.dll/SetWindowCompositionAttribute.php
; Example .......: Yes
; ===============================================================================================================================
Func _WinAPI_DwmEnableBlurBehindWindow10($hWnd, $bEnable = True)
    Local $tAccentPolicy = DllStructCreate("int AccentState; int AccentFlags; int GradientColor; int AnimationId")
    Local $tAttrData = DllStructCreate("dword Attribute; ptr DataBuffer; ulong Size")
    $tAccentPolicy.AccentState = $bEnable ? 3 : 0
    $tAttrData.Attribute = 19 ; WCA_ACCENT_POLICY
    $tAttrData.DataBuffer = DllStructGetPtr($tAccentPolicy)
    $tAttrData.Size = DllStructGetSize($tAccentPolicy)

    Local $aResult = DllCall("user32.dll", "bool", "SetWindowCompositionAttribute", "hwnd", $hWnd, "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($tAttrData))
    If @error Then Return SetError(@error, @extended, 0)

    Return $aResult[0]


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What is what? What is what.

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@Biatu, Have you tried setting the window to the same rounded region, you probably have the window as a rectangular region and therefore the repaint isn't happening 'around' the window

    _WinAPI_SetWindowRgn ( $hGUI, $hRgn, True )

[most likely put prior to _WinAPI_CombineRgn($hRgnTest,$hRgn,$hFormRgn,$RGN_XOR)] {edit}

if that doesn't work try forcing a repaint or changing the backcolor and see if it changes

    _WinAPI_RedrawWindow ($hGUI) ;


Sorry, I don't have Win10 to test on

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