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    • By Burgs
        I seem to be having a problem trying to insert values into an array in excess of the size of the array (its Ubound value).  I thought the command would simply 'ReDim' the array in order to add another value...however that does not seem to be happening.  My code is as below:
      ;**SET DYNAMIC ARRAY DIMENSIONS... $vValue = Int($_STRUCTURE_LEVEL - 1) ;seek the '$_HIERARCHY' level that is one 'previous' to the 'current' value...! $iStart = 0 ;set to begin search from element "0" in array... Do $_Files_Located = _Arraysearch($_HIERARCHY, $vValue, $iStart) if Int($_Files_Located) <> -1 Then $iEnd = 1 For $_RIGGING = 0 to Ubound($_LINE_DETAIL3) - 1 _ArrayInsert($_STRUCTURES, $_Files_Located + $iEnd, String($_LINE_DETAIL3[$_RIGGING])) _ArrayInsert($_HIERARCHY, $_Files_Located + $iEnd, Int($_STRUCTURE_LEVEL)) _ArrayInsert($_INFERIOR_TMPLS, $_Files_Located + $iEnd, Int(-1)) $iEnd += 1 ;increment EACH ITERATION... Next ;Next $_RIGGING EndIf ;'$_Files_Located' NOT "-1"...value for previous '$_STRUCTURE_LEVEL' ;was located in '$_HIERARCHY' array... $iStart += (Ubound($_LINE_DETAIL3) + 1) ;increment the offset index element position to begin the next search... ;"+ 1" to INCLUDE the 'parent' ('searched') UNIT...! Until $_Files_Located == -1 ;end loop when previous '$_STRUCTURE_LEVEL' is NOT found in '$_HIERARCHY' array... ;**  
        This code routine works perfectly fine except when the 'searched' value ($_Files_Located) happens to be the final element position in the searched array...how can I modify this routine so that the final additions at the end of the array(s) are made?  I thank in advance for any replies. 
    • By nill
      I need add record on last element of array
      When I try add item in the last element of array, nothing happend
      #include <Array.au3> Local $avArray[10] $avArray[0] = "JPM" $avArray[1] = "Holger" $avArray[2] = "Jon" $avArray[3] = "Larry" $avArray[4] = "Jeremy" $avArray[5] = "Valik" $avArray[6] = "Cyberslug" $avArray[7] = "Nutster" $avArray[8] = "JdeB" $avArray[9] = "Tylo" _ArrayDisplay($avArray, "$avArray before _ArrayInsert()") _ArrayInsert($avArray, 10, "= add =") _ArrayDisplay($avArray, "$avArray after _ArrayInsert()") if I try _ArrayInsert($avArray, 9, "= add =")
      elemet $avArray[9] = "Tylo" will be under
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