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    • By robertocm
      Let me just share an idea:
      Two (or more) computers have OneDrive Desktop installed They point to the same OneDrive account: both computers would be synchronized when one of them changes its local OneDrive folder Lets see the first computer as 'server': It is running an AutoIt script ('Main.au3') that is monitoring changes in a text file in its local shared folder The client computer changes a text file with the same name in its relative local shared folder The text line is like a command: with a name of script and parameters The 'Server' computer it is synchronized: Main.au3 detects changes in the local text file Reads the line and execute another script For example: generates a report from a query to a database and save a file in another shared folder FOR SURE, is not an advance solution, just an idea
      Thanks in advance for your comments
      See here an example of the Main.au3:
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