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Windows 10 and Dual Monitors

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   You have to love Windows 10. I have dual monitors. I developed a small script (exe) and ran it on the second monitor. Got it working so I copied the exe to a laptop (Windows 10 too) and when I run the exe it opens and stays on the task bar. Actually it thinks that the laptop has two monitors too even though it doesn't so I see the thumb in the task bar and it thinks it is running on the second monitor still. So (sigh) I decided it easier just to go back to my development computer, run it on the first monitor, then re-copy it to the laptop.

   Well... now, even on the computer I use to develop I cannot get the exe to run and stay on the primary monitor. When I run it I slide it back to the primary monitor then politely exit. When I run it again it goes right to the second monitor. How do I get this puppy back to running on a single monitor?


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If you made this script with Kuda GUI editor, then please change where your GUI appears when it's created, this is how GUICreate works:

GUICreate(<title>, <width>, <height>, <position X on screen>, <position Y on screen>, <style>, <exStyle>, <parent>)

Change the positions to -1 and -1.
-1 makes it show up in the center of your primary monitor.

For example: GUICreate("title",400,300,-1,-1)

It would be really great if you posted your script, or even a part of it so we would know what's happening exactly.


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